The song, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” is one that holds great meaning in my heart and mind. I believe that the learning of music is the core to a complete and successful education, giving a person the ability to become a well-rounded individual. Music allows an individual to be expressive in a way that he or she chooses. It is the one language that can be utilized by every single human being. To have the ability to share that with the world forever is a lifelong dream.

     My goal is to provide high-quality music education to all. I also come equipped with an extensive performance history and a plethora of extra-musical interests. Musical theater is a passion of mine, along with jazz singing. I have a strong knowledge of piano, and can play several instruments. Also, on Season 11 of “American Idol,” I made it to the top 60 contestants out of 15,000 people who auditioned.


Lea accepts a limited number of private students in the Long Island area. Study may be in any of the following areas:

  1. Vocal Technique
  2. Solo singing all styles
  3. Basic piano skills
  4. Vocal jazz improvisation



Private lessons are an opportunity to cultivate the singing self. Students gain a great advantage from a well-rounded course of study which includes warm-ups, vocalizes, repertoire study and performance skills. Lessons are tailored to each individual.

Private study can be long-term or short-term all dependent on the student’s wants and needs. The private voice student could be anyone. Beginning as young as the fourth-grader who would like to be a rock-star, the aspiring high school singer, the church choir singer who would like to advance, or the parent who would like to sing to his/her child but feels too self-conscious to do so. Less than 1% of the population is tone deaf. Virtually, everyone has the ability to sing, it’s just the extent to which their skills have been developed which varies.

Beginner: One 30-minute lesson per week is usually adequate for the beginning student.

Intermediate: As skills and repertoire demands increase, so can the length of the lesson. This student usually requires a 45-minutes per week lesson.

Advanced: Students with substantial singing experience will benefit from a weekly 60-minute lesson to accommodate their increasing repertoire and stamina.

Vocal Coaching: Vocal coaching is intended for he student who is already performing (or on the verge of performing) but needs some “fine-tuning”. This is often short-term and focuses on specific repertoire or vocal complications. For example, this student may be a singer who performs several nights a week, but has certain aspects of their voice or performance that they would like to improve (even Arianna Grande and Steven Tyler have vocal coaches). Coaching sessions can last anywhere from 30-minutes to an hour depending on the needs of the student.



Rates for Lessons/Coaching:

  • 60-minute lesson =  $120.00
  • 45-minute lesson = $105.00
  • 30-minute lesson = $65.00

Lessons are available at your location or studio space.